On April 1, 2011, it was official: 2 ½-year-old Malia Dakota Jusczyk's carefree life of Disney World and pony rides, soccer practice and swimming pools, came to a grinding halt. A CT scan revealed that Malia's recent "tummy aches" were caused by a large tumor lodged in her abdomen. The solid mass wrapped around major blood vessels and pushed against her kidney and aorta.

A biopsy confirmed that Malia has a very aggressive childhood cancer known as stage IV (high risk) neuroblastoma. The cancer had metastasized into her bones and bone marrow (cranium, humerus, and femur). Immediately after the debilitating diagnosis, Malia's parents, Megan and Glen, left Orlando, Florida in order to provide their daughter with the best treatment currently available to her at the Children's Hospital/Dana-Farber Jimmy Fund Clinic in Boston, Massachusetts.

To survive, Malia's little body had to endure six rounds of chemo, nine hours of tumor resection surgery, a stem cell transplant, removal of a kidney and an adrenal gland, twelve rounds of proton radiation, countless blood transfusions, and immunotherapy.

We are thrilled to share that as of July 2012, Malia has been declared NED (No Evidence of Disease). Yay!! However, since the rate of relapse with neuroblastoma is so high (and since there is no cure once a child relapses), we have entered her in a two-year-long remission trial, which utilizes a medication called DFMO 2/day and includes scans every three months as well as monthly oncology appointments.

Malia, like all children diagnosed with this awful disease, has shown an unbelievable strength and willpower throughout her treatment. We are thankful for every single day we get with our beautiful daughter!

Unfortunately, many parents can't say the same. The fact remains that every sixteen hours a child dies from neuroblastoma, and although cancer is the number one disease killer of our children, only 3.8% of cancer research funding goes toward pediatric cancer. That is why we have chosen to expand the non-profit, For Kids’ Sake (created by Malia's dad, Glen Jusczyk), to raise money for neuroblastoma research as well as for families of children diagnosed with neuroblastoma.

According to the Neuroblastoma Children's Cancer Society: "For families affected by neuroblastoma, the medical costs alone typically exceed $500,000 with many costs not covered by health insurance, this experience can devastate a family financially."

Please consider donating to this very worthy cause and helping more children crush cancer!

Watch Malia Loves Kissing Mommy and more videos in the tributes section!

Fundraising Events

5K & 10K to Crush Cancer

Sunday, July 19, 2015, 9:30 am
Plainville Town Hall
142 South Street
Plainville, Massachusetts 02762

Family fun, music, activities, games, food, and raffle to follow the races! 100% of proceeds will go to pediatric cancer research. Please join us in crushing cancer For Kids' Sake! We hope to see you there!

Click here to register now!

Benefit Yard Sale

Saturday May 16 and Sunday May 17
9:00 am - 4:00 pm (Early birds welcome!)
101 Church Ave, Northbridge, MA
(Rain date: May 30th and 31st)

We have started collecting items to sell in our benefit yard sale. All proceeds will be donated to the For Kids' Sake Foundation. This is a great opportunity to start your spring cleaning and clear yourself of some clutter. We collect items such as but not limited to; furniture, housewares, kitchenware, sporting equipment, bikes, toys, books, games, electronics, pet supplies, home improvement, bedding, clothes, gardening and auto supplies. Things we do not take: items that are broken, stained or ripped, tube tvs and mattresses. If you have items you are looking to donate please contact Jessica by phone 508-873-6518 or by email at champagnekittie@yahoo.com to arrange for drop off (preferred, Northbridge) or pick up/meet. We will continue to collect donations right up until the day if the yard sale. Thank you in advance.

Pal Goes Gold

Stop by PAL June 1-6 to get your PAL goes gold t-shirt for $10.
Accepting sponsor ads ($50) for the T-shirts until May 22. Please email your logo to forkidssakefoundation@gmail.com.

John Rauscher Memorial Golf Tournament

Saturday, May 30, 2015
Check in 11:30 am, Tee time 1:00 pm
Holden Hills Country Club
1800 Main Street (Route 122A)
Holden, MA 01522

Register for the tournament

Dinner only

Rob Adams Memorial Golf Tournament 2015

Saturday, June 20, 2015
1:00 pm
1:30 pm Shotgun Start
Easton Country Club
265 Purchase St.
Easton, MA

Click here to register now!

Help Michelle Fight Cancer

Malia's Aunty Amy (Megan Jusczyk's sister) goes to school with a friend whose sister Michelle was just diagnosed with stage 4 uterine cancer. If you could take a moment to read her story, pass it along, or help in any way possible, we'd appreciate it tremendously! Thank you.

Learn more about Michelle's fight against cancer here

Happy Holidays!

Raised so far: $13,100.00

This holiday season we are thrilled to report that Dr. Scholler's DFMO research trial is finally becoming available in Boston, MA because of funding efforts just like this one!! Our goal is to raise $10,000, the cost to sponsor two children in the trial. If you plan to make a donation this holiday season, we would be forever grateful if you chose to donate here!

In appreciation,
Meg, Glen, Malia and the entire For Kids' Sake Foundation family

Donors – Holiday Fundraiser 2014

Seth Hochberg$50.00
Tylor E Bowes $25.00
Edgar & Patricia Boisjolie $10.00
Constance Hunter $25.00
Elaine Leblanc $100.00
Susan Lyons $35.00
Clara M Jalbert $25.00
Jonathan & Kathleen Weisblatt $10.00
Norman & Kendra Rogers $25.00
Stacy Distefano$25.00
David Randle$50.00
Elizabeth Dallara$50.00
Joseph Ferrari$20.00
Rebecca Aubin$50.00
Craig MacDonald$50.00
Emily Schiarizzi$25.00
David Aucoin$25.00
Anonymous $161.00
Jonathan Rollman$25.00
Melanie and Jon Brucato$100.00
Louise T Beaudreau $20.00
Christine A Taylor $25.00
Peter & Beth Lemieux $20.00
Alicia M Eisnor $25.00
Alyce & Robert McConchie $25.00
William & Donna Carey $100.00
Geoff Walder & Fernanda Passos $50.00
Donna F Roberts $25.00
Wendy Murakami $15.00
Luis & Kristina Vitorino $50.00
Robert L Howey $50.00
Amanda L Daly $25.00
Patricia & Charles Marcotte $75.00
Gloria Hadley $25.00
Brendan Faherty$150.00
Mike Ammannn $1,000.00
Grussing Family $10.00
Brenda & Andy Trudeau $25.00
Ellen Robertson $25.00
Rebecca Glerum $25.00
Karri & Chris May $50.00
Serdar Dosemecioglu$10.00
mary marengo$100.00
Dawn Eriksen$15.00
Katie Eriksen$20.00
Michael Bowers$100.00
Wendy Lupien$100.00
tara labruzzo$200.00
Jill Adams$250.00
Phil Tuminelli $100.00
Brendan Simms $100.00
Ellen Robertson $25.00
Tara Taccini$25.00
Kimberly Fox$50.00
Elaine Rittenhouse$25.00
Lisa Powers$50.00
Donya Binette$50.00
Jennifer Wrench$50.00
Mark Buron$100.00
William Keohen$200.00
Sandra Spencer$220.00
Kathleen c Dolan $20.00
Pasquale & Sandra Cavalieri $30.00
Conrad & Sandra Goodreau $25.00
The Steve Brewer Committee $50.00
Lucille Sanborn $10.00
Cynthia & Dean Conway $50.00
Steven & Sonia Radzik $25.00
Susan T Perkins $25.00
Laurel L Maccollom $30.00
Gerald & Joanne Fournier $30.00
Barbara A Black $10.00
Gerald & Dorothy Szymansky $25.00
Gail J Watkins/Linda M Sinsigalli $25.00
Crowly Fuel $25.00
Joel & Lisa Corneliusen $50.00
Dianna & Joel Brothers $15.00
Cynthia Mourginis $50.00
Dorothy & Thomas Forrestall $10.00
John D Bradley Jr $25.00
Kari L Baker $10.00
PJ & Jennifer Louis $20.00
Omer & Claire Guertin $10.00
Michael & Anne Faherty $50.00
Jill M Mongeau $50.00
Nancy & James Woods $15.00
Vito & Darlene Colonna $25.00
Edward & Wendy McDavitt $50.00
Robert & Roberta Lafontaine $50.00
Robert J Perry $15.00
Richard & Jean Whippee $25.00
Paula & John Delgrego $20.00
Mary Ann & Michael Dupelle $25.00
Ann & James Livingstone $25.00
John & Michelle Blouin $50.00
Lawrence & Silva Little $10.00
Betty P Bennett $10.00
Richard & Debra Bolster $50.00
Sue Boyea $100.00
Ryan & Michelle Arciero $200.00
Susan Schremser $100.00
Anne-Morgan Brookfield $25.00
Fran Beebe $225.00
Jason Morneau $60.00
Dorothy & Neal Madden $30.00
Patrick & Christine Ferris $50.00
John & Theresa Mongeau $20.00
Robert & Stella Trudeau $5.00
Anthony & Christine Ricci $25.00
Peter & Dawn Stafford $50.00
Geraldine Faherty $25.00
Michael & Heather Sawyer $10.00
Leah M Stone $25.00
Pauline M Dwelly $10.00
Ralph & Christine Hicks $50.00
Mark & Beth Shirman $50.00
Ralph & Priscilla Dallara $25.00
Wendy & Richard Currier $20.00
Tom & Pam Johnson $50.00
Janet & Conrad Robidoux $25.00
Denise G. Harpin $25.00
Sarah & Brian Oxman $20.00
John & Virginia Clifford $25.00
Nancy Magnotta $20.00
Michael & Denise Wiley $50.00
Greg K Kleine $25.00
John & Deborah Gordon $10.00
David & Colleen Spofford $25.00
Kenneth & Joan Szymansky $25.00
James & Amy Proctor $100.00
Paula & Daniel Walker $25.00
Jessica Chauvin $20.00
Joan Herlihy $25.00
Patricia Sasseville$50.00
Daniel Pucci$500.00
Aaron Fischer$40.00
Jayne Peister$100.00
David & Sharon Raiche $100.00
Raymond & Katie Ventrone $100.00
Edith G Malynowski $25.00
Barry & Fran Smith $20.00
Gloria V. Butler $10.00
Randy L Beaudoin $50.00
Ada Rauscher $10.00
The Thurlow Family $10.00
William & Jeanne Lytle $50.00
Robert & Catherine Daigle $40.00
Richard & Juliet Porter $25.00
Stephanie D Perry $15.00
Joseph & Karen Spiewak $30.00
Terry & John Neal $250.00
Alicia Peloquin $210.00
Lauran D'errico Younique Fundraiser $140.00
Morgan Hughes, Marissa Moore & North Attleboro High $134.00
Ed Owens $40.00
Richard Galanti $50.00
Carolyn Wallick $25.00
Carol McGuane $40.00
Trey & Heather Townsend $100.00
Joseph & Laurie Siddall $50.00
Patricia Robin $20.00
Barbara Molla $50.00
Vince Osterman $500.00
Paul Fahey$200.00
Neil McNeil$100.00
Matthew Convertino$50.00
Stuart Hickman$100.00
Denise Heath$50.00
Michael Considine$50.00
Joyce Stgermain$50.00
Ron LeClair$30.00
Kathleen Stone$100.00
Tiffany Magliaro$50.00
Dana Quigley$200.00
Janine Fountain$50.00
Margaret Paulli$100.00
Mia Kiistala$30.00
James Livingstone$100.00
Keith Lapointe$1,000.00
Robert Martell$50.00
Nils Knagenhjelm$50.00
Alex Pelaez$20.00
Bryan Weddleton$50.00
Nils Knagenhjelm$50.00
Guy Tassinari$30.00
Bjorn Hansen$50.00
Mansfield University-Coach Dempsey & Women's Soccer Team $300.00
TJX Logistics & Compliance $320.00

Ryder Cup Golf Fundraiser

May 2015
Dates TBA

Day 1 – 27 holes at The Ridge Club in Sandwich, MA

Day 2 – 18 holes at the Hyannisport Club in Hyannisport, MA

The current rosters are as follows:

Team Euro:

  • James Proctor (capt.) - England
  • Ken Lawrence - Germany
  • Robbie Mustoe - England
  • Steve Nicol - Scotland
  • Craig Burley - Scotland
  • Mark Masterson - Ireland
  • Anthony Bulfin - Ireland
  • Final Player TBD

Team USA:
  • Paul Kelly (capt.) - MA
  • PJ Louis - CT
  • Todd Hemenway - CT
  • Scott Black - CT
  • John Joyce - MA
  • Mike Ammann - VA
  • Todd Barson - CO
  • Final Player TBD

Please sponsor the Ryder Cup Golf Fundraiser by clicking the donate button below:

Amazon Smile For Kids' Sake

Click below to raise money for the For Kids' Sake Foundation while you shop at Amazon. It's a fun way to help a great cause!

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Pink Malia Goalkeeper Gloves now available from GK Icon USA

GK Icon USA launches the Pink "Malia" glove as a great addition to their line. This glove stems from the inspiration of Malia Jusczyk and her fight against Neuroblastoma. Proceeds from glove sales will go directly to Malia's foundation. This model is a top of the line match quality glove. The palm is a 4mm super giga grip with a roll finger design. The backhand is embossed latex along with a full embossed latex wrist strap and enclosure. Retail price is $45, comparable models retail for over $100 for this type of glove. Click here to learn more and buy.

Bumper Stickers and Wristbands

We now have MaliaCrushesCancer.com magnetic bumper stickers and wristbands. If you'd like some, please make a donation, then e-mail us with your address and the quantity you wish to receive, and we'd be happy to mail them to you.

Want to raise funds and awareness for Malia's Foundation? We welcome any and all fundraisers to help crush cancer. Email Amber Start at forkidssakefoundation@gmail.com to get started.

For Kids' Sake T-Shirts

For Kids' Sake Foundation t-shirts are available. Email Glen (gjusczyk@gmail.com) for more information.